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The Ultimate Discus Fish Care Tips



Here are some of the different kinds of accessories you can add to your fish aquarium:

1. Decorations
The decorations can range from driftwood to SpongeBob Pineapple House, and from hideaway pipes to coral. The decorations make the fish tank more eye-catching for people and more fun for fish. Before you add the decorations make sure to do some research about the best ways to pick and install decorations. That will help to produce the best results regarding issues like the layout. The number of decorations you can pick from is quite high, so it’s important to mix and match until you get the best overall result from the decorations.

2. Water Pump
This is used to circulate water throughout the tank. It’s used in different ways in the aquarium, but usually, the goal is to produce water flow in the tank. They can produce different results like the movement of ocean water, for example. A water pump is important for both saltwater and freshwater tanks for reasons like providing more exercise or aquariums that use different methods.

3. Gravel/Substrate
Many fish owners think that gravel is just used to improve their tank’s aesthetics. It’s not a requirement per se, but it can provide many benefits including:

• Fish habitat
• Aesthetic improvements
• Live plants
• Biological filtration

Make sure to do some research to determine whether or not it’s practical to add gravel to your fish tank. There are some situations when it’s not ideal including grow-out tanks used for hatching eggs and raising fry. In this situation, it’s important to keep the aquarium super clean through waste vacuuming and water changes.

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