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That’s How to Deal with Baby rabbit care


Baby rabbit care for newborn bunnies requires a lot of dedication but at the end, it is very much rewarding. Always make sure that the babies are all in good health condition for if one is infected, chances are other might catch the infections too.

Like newborn human babies, bunny babies are very fragile. They need extra attention and care suited for them like the baby rabbit care ways. Sometimes the mother rabbit has no milk to produce that’s why you must try to feed the babies through a kitten feeding bottle. Also try to introduce hay grass, oats or alfalfa at four months old. Always remember to check the nest box if it’s already wet and soggy. Also, watch out for predators like cats and dogs. The smell of the Kindles is very fragrant to them.

A new baby bunny rabbit usually means a bigger responsibility for you as the owner. You need some preparations before they come out and right after they have been delivered. Characteristically, you need to wait for thirty days. Mother rabbits act differently from other mother animals as they do not stay in their nest for a lengthy period. Following the preliminary feeding of her milk at midnight, she leaves the nest and her litters.

Upon leaving the nest, this action of the mother rabbit gives a big chance for predators to take full advantage of the nest. The feeding bond between the mother and the baby bunny rabbit is only that time when she gave birth to them, and that is all. Being an owner, you must learn the fundamental rules regarding baby rabbit care.

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