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Iguana as Pet, Pros and Cons


3. Iguanas have a long life span

Anyone would naturally want to have a pet that can be a lifelong companion or one that would be around at least for as long as their owners can care for them. As a valued member of the household, these pets matter so much to that their owners want to be able to share their lives with them for as long as possible. Moreover, keeping a pet inevitably makes people invest their emotions, not just the money for the food, the medicines, and the veterinary services they require.

While mice, hamsters, or pogonas live for just a few years, iguanas may live for as long as 20 years, which is a bit longer than the lifespan of cats and dogs. In fact, the longest time on record of an iguana’s life span is 29 years!

4. Your clothes and furniture will be free from animal hair or fur – thus no allergies and sneezing caused by your pet!

If you are allergic to animal hair or you are asthmatic, you know quite well what it is like to be in a home with a furry pet. Even if you wanted such a pet, it would be too risky to keep one. Iguanas, on the other hand, being reptiles, would make great pets too – and the greater thing about them is that they have none of the animal hair that would cause you asthma attacks or allergic reactions.

5. Iguanas can be a great educational source for reptile life and behavior

Children can learn a lot from iguanas when they take care of these reptiles. When properly guided on how to keep and raise iguanas, they will learn about the kind of environment these reptiles live in. They will know about the right temperature iguanas require, the rain forests and lands they may have come from, how they are bred, and how to efficiently provide them with everything they need to survive.

Because these animals are distantly related to the dinosaurs, taking care of and learning more about them will give children a very interesting motivation to study about prehistoric animals. They can learn how to trace back and understand iguanas even more.

Iguanas are also good subjects to bring for Show-and-Tell, to discuss in research papers, to be studied in science group discussions, and to use in other activities relating to biology or ecology. Make sure, however, that the pet iguana has already been tamed before introducing him to a group of people.

There are a lot of benefits in becoming an iguana pet keeper.  Why not prove to yourself that you can do it?  Visit your local pet store and choose the iguana that calls out to you – it might want to be part of your home.
Having a basic knowledge about iguanas will help you decide whether you would want to have one for a pet or not. This is something you need to seriously and thoroughly think through because having any pet is a commitment and will require time and effort from you. Having a pet is not done simply because it is what all your friends are doing or telling you to do. Especially when it comes to iguanas, it is not the easiest kind of pet to maintain.

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