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Iguana as Pet, Pros and Cons


Dogs are a man’s best friend – this is what we often hear. But would you readily believe it if I told you that an iguana as pet could be man’s best friend too?

You have surely heard many stories about people treating their pet cats, dogs, birds, and even fishes as their best friends. Huge reptiles such as snakes and big lizards as best friends? – That is pretty uncommon.

If you’re a current or would-be pet owner who prefers typical pets, you might refuse outright when asked about having an iguana for a pet.  But you might never experience the joy and satisfaction felt by those who did decide to take on the challenge and make a difference.

Take a look at these reasons why an iguana would make a great pet:

1. Iguanas are herbivores

If you own a pet, you regularly have to go to a pet store to buy pet food.  It is pretty simple and easy if you just have to buy kibbles and treats for your dog or cat. But, what if you are raising carnivorous pets with specific food requirements? For instance, what if you need to specifically buy mice, worms, bugs, crickets, and other small living things? If you buy these kinds of pet food, you are also most likely to hold them in your hands and place them in your pet’s cage to feed them. You may be feeding your pet, but it may also somehow feel like you have no care or concern for the small animals in the lower tier of the food chain.

In the case of raising iguanas though, you do not need to go to a pet store for their food. You can simply harvest greens from your backyard or buy from the local grocery as you do your shopping for the household. Buying food for your pet just became simpler with just one trip to the grocery.

2. Iguanas usually connect and get along with their owners

Unlike other reptiles and snakes, iguanas interact with their owners.  Some would even sleep next to them, which is evidence that iguanas can have a close relationship with their human companions.
Though iguanas are mostly calm when they are held or carried by their owners, some would twist or bite when held by unfamiliar hands. In this case, owners should be careful when allowing their iguanas to be held by other people. The good point about this is that iguanas recognize their owners, and this further enhances their connection to each other. In other cases though, some iguanas are so tame and domesticated that anyone can hold and pet them. They would even let their owners dress them up with funny or cute outfits.

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