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Guide to Ferret Toys


There are plenty of toys for ferrets available in the market but did you know that many of ferrets’ favorite toys could be found at home? Ferrets love to open cabinets, boxes, and containers because of their curious nature. They are fond of squeezing into pipes, tubes, holes, and other enclosed spaces, which could be a hazard if you are not careful.

Ferrets prefer a mixture of items in their toy collection. Put in some bell-balls, tennis balls, tubes, and paper bags. They also like playing tug-of-war with stuffed toys and animals. Change the toy combination regularly because ferrets get bored, too. You will know that a ferret is up for a game by its “weasel war dance,” which consists of successive sideway hops and a soft clucking noise, referred to as dooking.

Ferrets love toys, but they love hiding them more. They mark their favorite spot so you would know where to find missing articles. There is no use trying to stop them because it is in their nature to “steal.”

When shopping for ferret toys, inspect the items carefully and check whether there are detachable parts that might be swallowed accidentally. The best choices are sturdy ferret toys, preferably not made of plastic.

But as mentioned earlier, all it takes is a little resourcefulness to keep your ferrets happy. For starters, you could get a box and fill it with rice (not the instant kind) or playground sand. This will surely keep your fuzzy friend busy for hours. You could also try giving them paper towel rolls but cut a slit across the length for safety reasons. The most important thing is you check the quality of your ferrets’ toys regularly and make sure they are in good condition.

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