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Guide to Ferret Toys


Ferrets are one of the most active pet animals you could ever get. They might sleep up to twenty hours everyday but their waking hours mark the peak of their activity. They are furry balls of energy and should thus, be given ample exercise. Ferrets also love to investigate and explore. Every ferret owner should take care in choosing the right ferret toys to ensure the happiness and well-being of their pets.

Humans are included in the favorite list of toys for ferrets. These mammals like to
play hide-and-seek with their owners where they could be the ones hiding or
seeking. Ferrets are also territorial and love to nest, they are known to steal food and objects, which are later found in their litters or “nests.” If you have a ferret roaming free at home, it is probably not uncommon for you to lose your keys, books, pens, etc. Ferrets even steal retrieved objects again probably because they have developed some sort of attachment to the objects.

Ferrets could be rough during playtime and might hurt you. Be careful not to hit them as it might make them doubt that you are trustworthy. To discipline a ferret, you may drag them gently across the ground the same way their mothers teach them.

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