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Five Steps to Clean Dog Ear Infection


The process of cleaning Dog Ear Infection:

Your dogs you’re on your own is relatively simple. Once you have the right cleaning solution, you don’t have to be an expert to do this as the steps are easy to learn.

Step 1: gently pull the ear away from the head just to open up the Ear canal.

Step 2: fill the ear canal with a veterinary-approved cleaning solution, you want to fill the ear canal all the way until you see the fluid.

Step 3: gently massage the base of the ear for 30 seconds. The massage will help to loosen any debris that may be sitting in there and sometimes you’ll hear a squishing sound during the massage, and this is normal.

Step 4: let the dog shake its head. This action can also help to loosen any debris deep in the ear canal and bring it to the outside.

Step 5: use cotton balls to gently wipe away any debris that you can see.

Depending on the amount of debris you can repeat steps one through five more than once for each ear. I do not recommend using Q-tips because if your dog suddenly moves its head during the cleaning, the Q-tip can get lodged inside the canal and produce some level of trauma once you have finished cleaning both ears. Please remember to praise your dog and offer some doggy treats 😉 .


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