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Five Steps to Clean Dog Ear Infection


The ear canal in dogs produces oils and waxes that protect the ear against pollen, parasites and foreign bodies. Without regular ear cleaning the wax can accumulate and harbor bacteria and fungus which eventually can produce an ear infection. Dog Ear infections are so painful and if left untreated eventually are going to affect the hearing of your dog. Dog Ear infection is one of the main reasons for visits to the veterinarian. This easy to follow guide is going to show you how to clean a dog ear properly in 5 easy steps.


To properly clean your dog’s ears infection you’re going to need a veterinary approved ear cleaning solution, some cotton balls or galls and some gloves to prevent any debris or fluids from getting into your hands. I also recommend having a towel, handy to dry your dog and yourself after the cleaning because you’re working near the mouth and the head of your dog. I always recommend having somebody to restrain the dog while performing the cleaning procedure.

 I recommend using , my dog’s ears were continually getting gunky, smelly build up, and he would start to scratch and dig at them, or shake his head to flap his ears showing his discomfort. He never seemed to have any significant pain or any redness in his ears, but they would just build up that goopy dark gunk, and it was irritating to him, and smelly for us! The vet said it was likely due to the shape of his ear canal, leading to moisture build up. Before discovering this product, I tried to keep his ears clean with a homemade remedy, BUT it was a messy endeavor and took A LOT of TIME, toilet paper (much softer than tissues), coaxing, and patience – and never really cleared up the problem.

However once I found this product, I used it on him for several days, as recommended, to get ahead of the problem (you just put a few drops in each ear, gently rub on the outside of the ear canal to work it in, and then wipe away any excess) and in less than a week it completely cleared up all of the issues!. Since then, taking care of his ears is as simple as putting 1-2 drops in each ear, every other week.

There is NO cleaning necessary anymore! If I forget, then as soon as I start to notice even the slightest irritation (him shaking his head) or odor, I put a drop or two in each ear. It’s so easy because as soon as he sees me with the bottle, my Moose will come to me and sit patiently right in front of me because he knows it helps him feel better. He seems to experience some immediate relief, and then his ears are completely cleared up the next day!

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