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Everything You Need to Know about Lovebirds


3. Behavior

Lovebirds are social like other kinds of parrots. It’s important for you to interact with them daily. Some lovebirds even talk although others don’t. The birds are quite noisy and can make a wide variety of different cheeps, chirps, squeaks, and peeps. Lovebirds are also quite active, and you can train them to do different tricks.

4. Grooming

It’s good to bathe your lovebirds often, and they’ll like it. They’ll even use a water dish to bathe if there’s enough space. Pick a shallow dish with 0.25-inch of room temperature water in the cage 3+ times per week when it’s time for a bird bath. An alternative is to mist the birds with lukewarm water but keep in mind that not all lovebirds like that kind of shower. Regardless of how you bathe your birds make sure they’re cleaned regularly to keep their feathers in a healthy condition.

5. Checkups

It’s advisable to get a checkup for your lovebird one within one week after bringing it home. This is important to make sure the little bird is in good health. The animal doctor can also help to provide you with some helpful advice about how to care for the lovebird properly. Birds can sometimes be very vulnerable to certain health conditions and diseases, so it’s critical to make sure they’re in good health. Check-ups should be done on a regular basis after the first one.

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