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What in the World Is a Corn Snake?


What do Corn Snakes Eat?

The top natural food to feed corn snakes is rodents of the right size. In some cases, baby corn snakes will also eat lizards or frogs. Meanwhile, adult snakes might eat birds or bird eggs. One mistake that owners often make is feeding crickets to their snakes. The problem is they don’t recognize the crickets as food, so it will be tough to get them to eat them.

Newborn corn snakes should be fed baby mice. When the snake becomes an adult, you can start feeding them large mice. If your baby snake is stressed out, you should try to feed it a baby mouse. Adult mice can be fed large mice that were frozen and then thawed out 100%. Feed baby corn snakes every 5-7 days and adult snakes once every 7-10 days.

It’s easy to teach your pet snake to eat thawed out mice. Put it in an empty container that has a couple of air holes. Then close the container’s lid. The snake will then be encouraged the mouse and will focus on it. Make sure to close the lid tightly and don’t put it near heat since the snake might be uncomfortable. Another step to take is to put small cuts in the skin’s mouse to make sure that your reptile digests the rodent well.

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