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Bird ownership proves the quality of your commitment


I have sold many baby birds to many different people. So, let me start with this: I do not believe that the goal should be to recreate a bird’s life in the wild, this is impossible. The bird owners goal should be to make the birds life as enriched and healthy as possible, within the constraints and limitations of living in our homes. This can be done by creating a clean and interesting living environment, feeding a varied and healthy diet, giving birds plenty of attention and interaction, and ensuring birds get exercise and playtime.

Here is information I give new bird parents on ways to accomplish this.

In General

The first thing I tell people who say they want a bird is that birds are not like having any other pet.  Different from dogs and cats, birds are not domesticated animals.  In other words, their brains are still hard-wired to behave as though they are in the wild.

Moreover, in the wild birds are prey animals. Therefore, their reactions to certain situations are often different than a predatory animal. These are essential things to keep in mind because all your interactions with your bird have to be framed within this context.  And, it results in certain behaviors that will never be completely gone.  For example, every bird will scream no matter what you do.  With proper care, the bird will not develop a screaming behavior problem, but he or she will scream from time to time.

Also, birds are different than the majority of other exotic pets that people will buy.  For example, reptiles are not domesticated animals either, but they are also solitary creatures. They do not require regular attention and interaction to be happy and healthy. On the other hand, birds are remarkably social and intelligent creatures. Therefore, they need the interaction with their flock, and they need mental stimulation.That is why some form of training is important to your care of birds because it allows you to interact with your bird in a productive and stimulating way.

The other things you need to consider are here: housing, toys, exercise, and important cons about owning a bird that people must take into account before buying a bird. Two other topics, nutrition, and training are covered on their pages because of the depth of information.

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