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Basic Dog Training Tips


3. Down

Here’s a command that will keep your dog safe and avoid moving under the feet of people or bigger animals. This can be a tough command for dogs to learn and especially if it’s afraid or shy. So it’s important to teach the command slowly. It’s also important to use several treats/praises when training your dog.

Here’s how to teach the command. Hold a treat in a closed hand and put it close to the muzzle of your dog, after the dog picks up the scent of the treat move the hand across the floor, as the dog’s head moves towards your hand move the hand in front of the dog along the floor. After the dog stretches out to Down open up your hand and give the treat to the dog. Do this process several times every day and match the action with “Down.”

4. Stay

Here’s another basic yet effective command to give your puppy. This is actually one of the most difficult ones for puppies to learn. It can be tough because they often want to hang on the owner’s feet or legs. However, it can be an effective command and prevent the dog from getting in trouble by chasing a cow or duck. It’s also a command that can lead to more advanced training.


Here’s how to teach Stay. Put a leash on your dog and have him sit beside you. Then wave a palm toward the dog’s nose/mouth region and say the word “Stay.” Next, step in front of your canine, wait a couple of seconds, then step back next to your dog. Give a reward to your dog for staying put.

Keep practicing this command several times and also in various locations. Make sure to reward your dog with a treat/praise. Besides the command make sure to also use a release word like “OK” to allow the dog to stand up from the stay.

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