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Basic Dog Training Tips


Training a dog is so much fun. However, it’s important to know the basics in order to get the best results whether you have a Dalmatian or Dachshund. Dog Training is an ongoing process but here are some basic to help you get started:

1. Come

This is a basic behavior you can teach your dog and help to avoid a lot of problems. It will help to keep your dog out of situations that could cause him trouble. For example, if your dog runs out the front door or gets past your yard’s fence then this command will be helpful to protect your dog from dangerous outside the house.

Put a light leash on the dog’s collar then let him pull it around for a while. Next, pick up the leash and follow the dog as he walks around the yard. He’ll then start to understand that he’s attached to you via the leash.

Use the marker word “yes.” When the dog turns around and starts moving towards you, make sure to say “yes,” give him a treat and praise him. The next step is to pair the dog’s behavior with the word “come.” When the dog responds correctly, give him a reward and praise him.

When doing this training don’t repeat “come” several times, because it’s important to use one word for one command, if the dog doesn’t come the first time then gently guide him to where he should be going. However, if you keep saying the command several times it could be overwhelming for the dog. The goal is for your dog to connect the word with positive things including treats and praises.

2. Sit

This is one of the basic tricks you can teach your dog. If you teach your puppy this basic command, it will be easier to control in the future. One example is getting your dog to sit when the doorbell rings. That will help to prevent the dog from jumping up on visitors as soon as they walk in the front door. That can be a startling experience and especially if your canine is a large breed.

Here’s how to do it. Put the treat a little above the dog’s head. As the head moves up the dog’s bottom will lower to the floor. Then when the dog sits let it have the treat and praise it for doing the trick. Make sure to repeat these steps several times on a daily basis. Make sure to connect the behavior with the command “sit” to get the best results.

There are a few key steps to take when training your dog to sit. Keep the treat in your hand so it can only pick up the scent. You should also avoid holding it too high, so your dog doesn’t jump up to get the tasty treat. You can also train your dog to sit during other times including feeding time. You can also use the command to prepare your pet pooch before you take him for a walk outside and prevent him from darting outside as soon as you open the front door.

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