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Affordable Pet Care and How to Save Big Bucks on Your Pet


4. Make homemade treats

One of the useful and affordable pet care, is that you make cat/dog treats that can be much cheaper than commercial ones. You can find some basic recipes online that will provide your pet with a tasty and healthy treat. By providing it with better nutrition you can also help to reduce medical bills, so it provides more than one benefit for your pet and wallet.

5. Groom your pet at home

You’ll want your pet dog or cat to be well-groomed, but if you take it to a professional shop, it can cost a small fortune. The good news is you can save a small fortune with some basic tools like a pet comb and nail clippers. You should also get a quality shampoo to keep your animal’s coat clean and healthy. There are special shampoos available to deal with fleas/ticks, dry skin, etc.

Another good investment is a quality brush/comb. This is important to remove loose hair from your pet and keep it shiny. If you brush/comb your pet’s locks on a daily basis, it will help to keep in good shape and avoid a lot of issues.

6. Make your own pet food

It’s worth noting that animals in the wild don’t eat factory-made food. It’s a good idea to make at least 50% of your pet’s food at home. Make sure to do some research about which kinds of ingredients to include so your pet can still get all the vitamins and minerals it needs. You should also learn about which foods are toxic for certain kinds of pets. For example, you should avoid feeding chocolate to cats and dogs because even a small amount can be toxic.

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